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Breeding Barn

Our new fully functional, state of the art breeding facility is now complete. The barn is climate controlled with cycled lighting, and individual mare turn outs. The barn also has a 24hr surveillance and mare monitoring system. We will stand your stud, breed your mare, and foal out your babies. Stop by or call us today at 845-294-3662 to discuss any of your breeding and foaling needs.

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Picture of the front of the SHR Breeding Barn
Picture of the breeding area
Breeding Area
Picture of the breeding lab
Fully equipped breeding lab
Picture of the main alleyway
Main Alleyway
Picture of the foaling stalls
Large 12' x 24' Foaling and Wet Mare stalls
Picture of mare stalls with individual tournouts
Spacious Dry Mare Stalls with Individual Tournouts
Picture of the Surveillance and mare monitoring system
24hr Surveillance & Mare Monitoring System

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